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Working Environment

Recreation Area

AI Exhibition Hall

Staff Canteen


Afternoon Tea


Diversified Activities

Team Building Activities

Diversified team building activities allow every member in Sensetime to get closer to each other.

Annual Ceremony

This is a grand event for Sensetime members. Every year, our members will gather together to share the joy of harvest and look forward to a new chapter.

Parent-Child Open Day

We invite the children to visit the office of their Moms and Dads in order to bring them more enlightenment in technology. We care about you and your family.

Monthly Birthday Party

We hold birthday parties for our birthday employees to send wishes and gifts every month, and we look forward to spending more birthdays with you.

Sports Competitions

We care about the health of our employees. Aside from organizing various sports clubs, swimming, basketball and football competitions are the daily routines of Sensetime members.

Corporate Open Day

We always show our corporate culture to employees and the public with an open mind, willing to share product applications and research achievements, and look forward to more in-depth communication and friendly interaction.

Exclusive Benefit

Basic Necessities

Free breakfast & lunch or meal allowance
Overtime reimbursement for dinner and transportation

We Protect You
from Your Risks

Endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, employment injury insurance, maternity insurance, housing fund, MPF, and supplementary medical insurance constitute a comprehensive system.

We Protect
Your Health

Free physical examination, free clinic

All Kinds of

In addition to statutory holidays, we also have annual leave, paid sick leave, holiday leave, etc.

We Will Accompany You
at those Great Moments.

We have birthday parties, maternity gifts, entry anniversary gifts for our employees.

Exclusive Benefits

There are discounts for bodybuilding and hair salons, discounts for house renting, and festival gifts.

Various Gaming

We have wonderful team building activities and various clubs, thus employees can get to know more interesting Sensetime members and travel together.

We Help You
Fit In

New employee package, buddy program, house renting subsidy for distant interns.

Talent Training

Buddy program

Buddy program

For each new employee, we will assign a buddy to help her/him quickly fit into the Sensetime family.

Academic Seminars

Academic Seminars

We invite industry experts and professors to conduct academic seminars in the company to share the latest developments.

Executive Meeting

Executive Meeting

We provide opportunities and platforms for employees to meet face-to-face with executives.

Technology Sharing Session

Technology Sharing Session

From technological trends to new ideas, we advocate sharing spirit, making progress together and surpassing ourselves.

Technical Experience Day

Technical Experience Day

We share our technology and products with partners, students, social media, etc., creating an open platform and cooperation space.

New Employee Training

New Employee Training

Our training programs help new employees to better understand the company's technology and better fit into the team and culture.

Career Development

Global Job Opportunities

We have offices in 9 cities around the world, and we have a lot of opportunities for employees to work overseas.

Flexible Transfer Mechanism

We have a well-established internal talent market that encourages employees to move freely and challenge themselves.

Diversified Development Channels

We have diversified career development and promotion channels to help you achieve a better version of yourself.